Friday, December 11, 2009

Brainwashing - Mouth Part 1

The sadist's training techniques involve a certain measure of brainwashing, for which I am a very receptive candidate. I've always been very suggestible, between some inner susceptability and my hyper-active imagination. Once I was taken for some hypnotherapy to help me deal with the PTSD flashbacks that followed a particularly difficult year of taking care of a particularly ill ex-hubby #2. It didn't actually seem that I went under, or else things passed that I didn't remember, but all it took was one session and I was cured.

So my exceedingly malleable mind is not something newly acquired. But I think it has become even easier to manipulate, and my Master is a master of taking advantage of that characteristic. He uses it both for the immediate pleasure of demonstrating his power, and for the way the ideas he injects into my mind take root and transform me on a more permanent basis.

Last Monday and Tuesday he amused himself with planting the seeds and then watching how the rich loam of my submissive imagination caused them to germinate and burst into vines that wound round my body, adorning my hair before cutting off the blood from my nipples and the air from my lungs. I moaned at my desk, squirming, melting, gasping as the vines slashed their way between my labia before forcing themselves into my tight brown butt hole.

Proud of his work, he offered me his words to share with you all - in exchange for which he expects me to transmit back your comments. So I do hope you'll comment! Immediate reactions, descriptions of your own little moans, declarations of his insanity, assurances that the cops are on their way... as long as you are honest, he will be amused.

And I do so like to keep him amused!

Here, then is how it began.
Your thought for the day: My ownership of your mouth. Whatever you do with it today, keep in mind that activity is only a secondary purpose, that I have graciously allowed my possession to be temporarily used for eating, talking business, etc, that my cock has pulled out from between your lips only briefly to permit their use for some trivial other thing at the completion of which they will part and your tongue will ease out slightly as your breath moans a pleasant welcome for that which your mouth was created and trained.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I could float on that idea for days.....this is my favourite form of dominance.

mamacrow said...

oh WOW! more please Mr Sadist Sir!

(I loooooove sucking hubbies cock. really, I'd do it all day if it wasn't for trifiling practicalities like six kids and him having to work and stuff)

Paul said...

OG, I suppose you could liken it to manna from heaven, for you.
Totally the wrong season, but I don't doubt you get my meaning.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

OH MY Thank you!
what a way to be owned.. and used.. and allowed to talk or eat for only a few moments..only to go back to the his original purpose!
Very very hot~ I am so glad you were allowed to share this !

oatmeal girl said...

Anonymous - can you give yourself a name so we can distinguish you from the others that sometimes pop up here? And I'd love to hear more about your experiences with this sort of thing. I find it incredibly powerful.

mamacrow - that is so disgustingly cute. "Mr. Sadist Sir!" He does really crave praise, which is ok since he really does deserve it. So anything anyone wants to heap on his ego would be very welcome. I'm supposed to forward him all these comments. (On the other hand, he also gets off on knowing that people worry about my safety... in the end, one way or another, he enjoys an acknowledgment of his power over me. I love his power over me...)

Paul - it's a good analogy, though. I did feel as if I had been lost in the desert...

nancy - I only wish he could spend more time with me... take me away to a cabin in the woods, where all i could eat (other than his cock) were what he fed me from his hand...

I wasn't just allowed to share it. I was offered it, before I even asked. He's showing off...