Thursday, December 10, 2009

"I'm going to hurt you."

He was here.
After all.

He found the time
or he made the time
or he opened a crack
in the fabric of time
and he came to me.

I met him at the door,
naked at the door,
naked and trembling
and perfectly submissive,
and even now
I feel his hands,
my Master's large hands
gently on my breasts
touching my softness,
feeling my softness,
he passed his hands over me
and I knew
he was feeling

I took him downstairs,
down to the dungeon,
but this time
it was different.

My housemate is gone. The rent money's gone, and I do miss the money, but the housemate's gone, too, and I do not miss him.

And now the room is empty. The 4th bedroom, right off the family room cum dungeon. The nicest bedroom in the house, complete with a walk-in closet.

Let that sink in.

A walk-in closet. With heavy, fat, iron rods on which to put clothes hangers. Or round which a very obedient submissive pet can grip her hands, after which she offers her bottom to the flogger.

There are other possibilities for the closet
yet to be explored.
I wish I never had to rent out that room again.
It's my Master's room now.
It's our room now,
with a double bed
and a pair of bedside tables
with large, deep drawers
in which to stash

And the title?
The subject of this post?
I was kneeling low before him,
down on my haunches,
his cock in my mouth,
my tongue hard at work,
until he pulled me up
and he snared my eyes with his.

And that's when he took my nipple, my right nipple, between his thumb and forefinger. Gently at first, as he looked me in the eyes, and said... things... and I felt it... this transformation... I changed... and he said

"I'm going to hurt you."

And I said
I said
"Please hurt me, my Lord."
And I gave him my eyes
and I gave him my soul
and he squeezed
and he twisted
and he did.
He hurt me.
But not
It didn't hurt all that much.

Or so I thought.

Until later,
after he came,
after he left,
as I was dressing
to go back to work
and my nipple was red
and gently I touched it
and it hurt.
And I looked down
and I saw.
He was right.
He had hurt me.
He hurt my poor nipple
much more than I knew
but I was so high,
so high on endorphins,
so high on submission,
that it hardly
at all.


Luna Mauvaise said...

That hurts *so* good.

Paul said...

OG, when you write so beautifully, I feel it, and I'm supposedly a dom.
He values you, he, strangely enough increases your self worth, he raises your creativity to levels you only dreamed of.
In short, he is a GOOD THING.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

I do like it when I look and see..what i thought was seemingly not so much.. indeed was very much after all..
I'm so glad he was able to find time!