Tuesday, December 6, 2011


He was, indeed, horribly horny.
Very horny and very short of time.
Business complications.

In the end, he had barely an hour.
Meaning I had barely an hour.
An hour to make him feel very, very good.

I felt his stress start to drain away. I stood naked against the wall as he pressed his clothed body into my nakedness and I felt the stress start to drain away. Even in his urgency, I felt him relax.

His hands were soft as they touched me.
As they caressed me.
I could feel what he tasted
as his fingers drank the softness of my breasts.
I could feel what he smelled
as his hands inhaled the pallor of my belly.
I could feel what he heard
as his fist listened to the flow of my hair.

And I heard what he felt as I bathed in the noises he insists, with a smile, that he does not make as I kissed him and licked him and sucked him and jerked him and he poured everything into my hand.

Far more than the flow of semen that I welcome as the sacrament it is.

"Perfect," he said.
"There is no such thing as perfection," I said.
"But you were," he said.
"Perfect," he said.
"My perfect pet."

And I sighed in pure joy as, still on the floor at his feet, I rested my happy head in his lap and melted beneath his hand as, so softly, so gently, it caressed my grateful hair,


SBF said...

This is so much better than reading a cookie recipe recipe. LOL

GenuineRisk said...

Amen to sbf. I love cookies, but this is dazzling. Sigh.

lil said...

There are some things that cookies just can't compete with..

Florida Dom said...

Yes, much better than cookies.