Saturday, April 5, 2014

For ever and always

I told him that I've decided to retire.
Next yea.
After my birthday.
Somehow, I'll manage to retire.
He wondered if I might not want to downside.
I can't see downsizing.
The house isn't really that big.
Rent would be more than my mortgage.
Though it's true, I suppose.
The cash from selling the house would help.
But an apartment...
that would be tricky.
With cats.
And a gentleman caller
who sometimes beats me.

So no, I told him.
I wasn't thinking of downsizing.

But then.
He wondered.
He asked.
"Other than yours truly,"
he asked.
What was keeping me here?

Other than him?
What else
what more
could I need beyond him?

What do I have,
whom do I know,
what could I need,
other than him
that could take me away?


Sue said...

My wish for you is that, forever and for always, it remains that there is nothing that takes you away from him...

nbs said...

Sir is planning to downsize soon. His son is across the USA and has invited him to move there.
I know he would love to live with his son.. yet his response was.. "I'd not see you as much as I need."

music to my ears.. balm to my soul

GenuineRisk said...

This is lovely, and very sweet. But - (smut princess here!) - what about the chains vs. rope, and those rings in the floor? Being silly - sorry. Seriously, I reiterate what Sue said.