Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fleeing the Shapeshifter

I always said that I'd never let go.
I know he's a sadist.
I wouldn't let go.
But he growled and he mauled me,
Sinking his jaws deep in my shoulder
And my father is dying
And I screamed and I sobbed
And I got him to cum
And when it was over
My heart turned to stone
And the beast
Did not
Change back into a loving man.

~ ~ ~ ~

Illustration for Tam Lin from the album Child Ballads by Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer. Their version of this shapeshifter ballad has been my favorite since I first heard it.

It's over

The beast was in heat and came to sate his hunger, following a long and welcome absence. This was always a possibility. There were no assurances otherwise. In fact, there were repeated warnings that I should never assume I was safe.

The beast is not welcome here.

But meals are prix fixe.
The chef sets the menu.
There are no substitutions.
It's all or nothing.

And so
I'm walking away.

I feel strong.
Proud of myself.
Strong and proud and beautiful and sad.

And I know I'll never find another you.