Monday, March 26, 2012

Tryst, Take 2

There will NOT be an emergency this weekend.

We WILL use the hotel reservation I just made.

I WILL wear my little black dress for him, even though it will be totally inappropriate for either a sports bar or a casual restaurant. After all, as he said: "Fuck 'em. I want to see you in it. "

And so he will.
He'll see me 
in it.
And out of it.

Damn, that turns me on.
I think of it
and my pussy starts to scream.

Can you hear it?
Can you?
Can you smell it?
Can you taste it?

It's all his...

1 comment:

nancy said...

Somehow it never matters if the place is not appropriate for the dress.. you love wearing it for him and he will be so glad you're wearing it and he can show you off.

Have a wonderful Tryst!