Sunday, April 1, 2012


He said it.
He called me that.
His mistress.
He said he had only just realized it!
Me, I've known it for a while.

It felt good to hear him say it.
And he felt VERY good when I said it.
When  I called myself his mistress.

Damn, it turned him on.
Big time.
And made me very happy.

Something about the word. The concept. Maybe because it's recognized in the regular world. Even though nobody will hear it. But I'll hear it. Inside. And he'll say it to me.

It's not the same.
It's not the same as being his sub.
His pet.
His slave.
It's.. it's a more defined place in his life.
And it's definitely not being one of many.

Whatever he may say sometimes, I know I'm not just one of many.
I have known.
And now I know it more.

There were other things on this night we had.
A night and a hotel room.
Intimate things.
Things too intimate to share.
Private things.
Meaningful, sharing, intimate things.

And scary things.
It's spring.
The beast is on the prowl.
He scared us both.

But we'll be ok. Time and again we fight past the effects of these moments. Because what we have - who we are together - it's worth the effort. We are worth the effort.

And I'm his mistress.


Lea said...

At first I thought use of the word indicated some sort of role reversal!

Kitten said...

I thought that at first, too.

But all the same, very nice post.

nancy said...

How wonderful that you had the time together.
and being called out loud, his mistress.. what a precious moment for you both.
I have never feared for your safety.. somehow I have always believed you would be safe no matter how scary things might be for you both.

mamacrow said...

happy dancing!