Monday, September 3, 2012

4 years

It was on Labor Day 4 years ago.
4 years ago, I begged him to take me in his service.

The day after, I wrote this:
people suddenly appear, people far beyond what i could have imagined. and then there is no choice. all i can say is “yes, Sir” and obey.
And now?

I had no idea.
No idea at all.

In captivity, I am free.
In my chains, I am strong.
In submission, I am beautiful.

And oh, yes.
I lost 5.4 pounds in the first week.


Sue said...

Happy anniversary! Wishing you many more...


mamacrow said...

hoorah & congrats on four years! (four?! really? golly!)

and congrats on the weight loss, glad that's working out for you xx

nilla said...

Happy anniversary!!

So glad you found the "freedom" to become His...four years is a very long time, isn't it? And I'll bet most of it passed in a flash!

wishing you many more days on your journey, together.


Lea said...

Beautiful. Wishing you many more days such as these.

nancy said...

What a wonderful moment to celebrate! I hope you share many more.
Sometimes we say yes to something, some one and don't know the full extent of our words.
Look at you know.. free, strong and beautiful... and I suspect very happy!

Anonymous said...

I celebrate an addition to your growing beauty, which is in the constrained and delightfully contained freedom you've found. For the record, in submission or without, you are a goddess. A red headed, vixen oriented, furiously sensual diety of prolifically prosed, lust laden goddessness.