Thursday, December 13, 2012

Apart, yes. Lonely? No.

An Anonymous comment on yesterday's post asked:

No disrespect intended, but, are the four of you involved with married men? If you are, doesn't the loneliness outweigh any other benefit of the relationship? 

The sadist has an assortment of relationships, which serve his various needs. In fact, I'm very grateful for them. Certainly, you can understand my appreciation for his masochist slave, whose existence you've heard about before. Whose existence in physical fact saves my ass. My Master could never protect me to the extent he does without having his slave as an outlet for his most severe sadistic urges.

Not me.
Occasionally wanting more?
Marriage to my Master?
Heaven help me, no way.
We are both very intense.
Very intense.
We'd combust.
I'd suffocate.
Think of a fine chocolate truffle.
High quality chocolate.
Dark chocolate, if it's for me.
Belgian, perhaps.
When you have one, you eat it slowly.
Savoring every mouthful.
The taste, the smoothness, the richness,
they linger in your mouth long after you're done.

But one truffle after another?
Throughout the day?
Every day?

Too much.
Too rich.
Too intense.

This isn't mere rationalization.
I'm not sure I'd want a regular boyfriend of any sort.
Or girlfriend, for that matter.

As it is, I have this intense relationship with an astonishing man. The connection is... probably not wholly explicable. And incredibly strong. Sometimes I think it would be nice to see him twice a week. But I'm not so sure. This way... it's not like we're only together during those couple of hours once a week.  We e-mail. We text. We feel each other. Plus it's not like I have no other life. No other interests. No friends. Certainly he has them. Not to mention the other submissives.

I've learned a lot from the sadist.

And confirmed my belief that there are many ways for people to be together. For all relationships as with those involving BDSM, it's about the people involved. What works for them. For some people this would not work. And I don't deny that there have been frustrating times. Like now. When he's been ill. But would I want to face him over the dinner table every night? Discuss utility bills? Know that he's heading out to beat the shit out of his masochist slave so he could suppress his desire to do it to me?

Then, I think, I'd be lonely.


nbs said...

I completely understand this.
I don't think I could stand to be with Sir every single day and night.
Although.. sigh.. it does "sound" good.
The reality.. not so much.
Of course I miss him at times.

Anonymous said...

You have us, o.g. There is a rich and intimate interchange between an artist and her audience. Certainly, you must feel this.

oatmeal girl said...

To all the anonymous commenters out there - it would be awfully nice if you devised some identifier for yourselves, so I can get you sorted out and keep the conversation going. Thanks so much. --o.g.

Collared Cassaundra said...

I am new to this blog and have only had a minute to look around...but I think I may like it here. I look forward to a more in-depth look....