Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Too sweet

Something's missing tonight.
There's an edge missing tonight.

I'm leaving town until Monday. Going up to New York for a big event, a wild cultural event. Any of you planning on being there?

I feel as if I should be writing something really edgy.
I wanted to send my Master some very inspirational notes.
I think of this, and my pussy pulses, but the rest of me just purrs.

He was here yesterday.

I am not supposed to write about him, and I do try to be obedient, so I won't describe our reunion. I will, however, say these two things.

1. I am sporting no new marks today.
2. My soul is smiling.

Marko is lying on the bed beside me as I write. He is lying on his side, with his belly exposed to my caressing hand. His paws knead the air. He knows I'm leaving town - he and Ketzel have been doing their best to impede my packing by stationing themselves either on top of or inside the suitcase. He knows I'm leaving town but at this moment he is near me and he is very, very happy.

I was very, very happy.
And still am.

There is a bond... unlike anything I have ever known... stronger than the chain that was clipped around my neck and with which I was allowed to sleep last night, cradling it against my belly like a favorite teddy bear.

I bought a Blackberry last weekend. I now have a little computer living in my pocket, masquerading as a phone. Another chain. A very welcome chain. I will be off at my parents for a couple of nights before heading back down to New York for the big event. I will be at my parents with their slow as molasses dial-up connection and my uneasiness at discussing my kinky life on their computer. I doubt I will post anything while I am gone - and I promised to do some work on my new story tomorrow night - but I can exchange e-mails with my master whenever I wish, and easily receive and write text messages. It makes me feel very secure, whether or not we communicate much in my absence.

I am a happily tethered pet.

I suppose by the time I get back I will be bursting with the need to evoke my dark desires. But for the moment, I am swimming in his sweetness, and am quite content to remain there.


worm said...

Love the cats ;)

Have a great weekend and enjoy your new Blackberry. You are sooooo hip!

Once I logged onto my fetlife account while at my mom's. I heard her say, "Why am I not surprised?!" I gasped, only to turn around and see her looking at her cat on the floor, stoned on the catnip of her ravished mouse.

littlegirl said...

OG, have a great trip. I totally feel you on the happy electronic chains. I have them too, these days, and I'm loving every single minute.

Paul said...

OG, have a great week-end, I eagerly await your returm.
Love and warm hugs,

Florida Dom said...

Shame he doesn't want you to post about your scenes. But glad to hear that you're a happily tethered pet. Do you now wear the chain at night when you're home.

Have a good time and we'll relate your return and worm, I loved that line from your mother.


nancy said...

Ahhh the happily chained pet.. there is nothing better!
Enjoy your time away.. and regardless of your verbal restrictions..I'm very happy for you~

Angharad said...

OG... i wrote you a post on my new blog (consider yourself rather an inspiration, if you will!). drop in, if you have the time...

And yes, this is the Angharad who only just stepped out of the lurking very recently. i had to say more than i could justify dumping on your page. ;->