Saturday, January 22, 2011

The World's Most Dedicated Server

The following banner ad is currently appearing on my sitemeter page:

Server Pronto >> The World's Most Affordable Dedicated Server
Full Dedicated Servers just $29.95
24x7 customer support

And on the left, a woman with long red hair and come-to-me eyes.

The ads in the past have been connected with things I've been researching. There were weeks and weeks of Honda ads after my old one was destroyed and long past when I bought the new one. The rest of the time I think they are just standard ads, made on the assumption that I'm a normal sitemeter user.

Sometimes, though, I wonder if they've been reading my mail. Or maybe it's just my overactive imagination, always looking for symbolism and metaphor.

Not too long ago, the sadist wrote me about some communication from a former submissive. In the course of the discussion, he referred to his various "servers." Of course, you can now see where this is going - and really, is it that far a stretch? While the ad designers may not have been suggesting a full-scale D/s relationship, it is quite clear they packed the ad with sexual innuendo. Else why the expression of the model and the way she is looking over her shoulder? Why, in fact, that model at all?

In context, I'm not quite sure to what unit of measurement the price refers.
$29.95 per hour?
Per day?
Either way, quite a bargain.
Especially with service available round the clock.

However, there is a 99.999% uptime referenced in the ad which seems to imply service by a different model of server. Although I then think of those ads for a brand of those magic man pills that warns the user to contact his doctor should an erection last more than 4 hours. You'd have to call the doctor for me if any man tried to subject my aging pussy to his 4-hour erection. I'd need a gallon of Astro-Glide to keep my sensitive tissues from being eroded away.

However, that's not the point.
The point is being a dedicated server.
To serve with dedication.
Without question.
Without argument.
With a hunger to learn.
With an eagerness to please.
With a need to please,
with every breath I take.

With a need to please.
With a need to serve.
With love.

Even if it involves accommodating a 4-hour erection.


Paul said...

OG, I remember that I used to dream about four hour erections sixty years ago.
Hadn't heard of Astro-Glide then. :)
Love and warm hugs,

MrJ said...

per piece?