Monday, January 24, 2011

And the training resumes

I'm back in boot camp.
In some ways I suppose I never left.

While it's been a while since the sadist introduced new ways for me to please him, or refined old techniques, or assigned a custom writing project, I am always practicing, always drilling, each time I serve him.

Now, though, as activities resume after a 3 week hiatus due to my illness, he is setting me back to work. The new semester has started. So far this week there has been a 5-day homework assignment to review and expand daily on my cocksucking notes, an order to practice and improve the position in which I welcome his arrival in the dungeon, and preliminary presentation of a piece he wants me to write and then perform in a very specific manner.

There is an extra aspect to the physical practice.
He is not the only one who will be impressed and delighted by my display.
The date for that adventure has still to be set.

Meanwhile, I suddenly heard from Evan.
And I'll be seeing him again on Thursday.
No, wait, let's not be coy about this.
I'll be fucking him again on Thursday.

It's been well over a year. We've been in touch occasionally. And we were both interested in repeating a very successful encounter. But he has this odd quirk about wanting me to make initiate arrangements, which doesn't work with someone as submissive and insecure as I am. He wants me to issue an invitation. Which I have a hell of a time doing.

But I did.
I managed to e-mail him last September.
And then didn't hear back until a couple of days ago.
Seems he almost never checks the account he used with me.
Well gee...

However, he did.
And he's still interested.
And I'm still interested.
And the sadist thinks I was made to give sexual pleasure.
So Evan will be here Thursday.

The lovely thing is that while Evan was certainly provided with a quite a lot sexual pleasure (he is quite a fan of my cocksucking prowess), he is also devoted to pleasing his partner.

Very devoted.

I expect to have a lovely few hours together.
And a fair number of orgasms.

What a great way to emerge from my fallow season!


Paul said...

OG, seems to me that you are in for a lovely time, whoever arranges it

William said...

How great for you. Have a lot of fun, and practice your skills for your Master.