Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another gift

Sometimes he does it with words.
Words that are measured,
saying as much with those that are deleted
as with those he so deliberately delivers.

Sometimes he gives me a song.
A song often wrapped in warnings.
Don't read too much into this, my pet.

Aw c'mon, man.
Gimme a break.



He gave me another today.
On his way out.
For you do something to me
That nobody else can do.


Anonymous said...


And sweet.

- jcn

mamacrow said...

'something deep inside..' The Paul Weller song, yes? one of the slow dances at Papacrow's & my wedding *happy sigh*

oatmeal girl said...

"You do something to me"

Cole Porter.

mamacrow said...

Ah. Apologies.

You do something to me... Something that mistifies me...

Love that one too actually!