Wednesday, June 18, 2008

9:30 am

[she slips away from her very public desk into an empty office and closes the door.]

good morning, master…

mmmph…. good morning, kitten…

did you sleep well, sir?

yes. yes, i did.

it’s so beautiful here today! it cooled off, it’s fresh and clean and sunny. i… i feel so… so snuggly this morning.

mmm… yes… you would snuggle down into the sheets…

mmm… so cozy… snuggly… and then i’d slide down… and take you in my mouth…

what are you wearing, kitten?


very good, kitten. pink panties. and is that all?

oh yes, sir. i’m standing here in front of the window in pink panties and nothing else.

excellent. you must be making the people down below very happy. but wait. did i give you permission to display yourself?

no, sir, but –

no. i did not. and are you allowed to indulge your exhibitionism without strict orders from me to do so?

[tiny voice] no sir…

i’m going to have to punish you. you know that, don’t you?

you can add it to the list.

my, you’re being bratty this morning. yet another reason to punish you. tonight. and it will hurt.


now go back to work. i’ll talk to you later.

yes, sir. have a good day, master.

you, too, kitten.

good-bye, master.


[whispered] good-bye… i miss you...


Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, so very palpable, the feeling of missing someone, I can almost taste it.
Warm hugs,

Nash said...

Interesting sequence; this window into your shared experience with the Philosopher.

I'm not of the 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' camp, personally. I think it just makes the heart grow needier.

Sometimes that's OK too.

oatmeal girl said...

i can't help but see this amazing relationship in the context of my failed second marriage. and while yes, i do miss him, and don't hesitate to say it here, i feel closer to him every minute of the day than i did to ex-hubby #2 in the entire 20 years we were together.

Nash, i don't necessarily believe either that absence makes the heart grow fonder. or if it does, it's because in the other's absence, we conjure up a being who takes on a life independent from rarely reinforced reality, and we fall in love more with our creation than with the all-too-human on the other end of the electronic tether. i do worry about that sometimes.

but i wonder, this pattern that we maintain in our twice-daily reunions, the wake-up calls and the tucking in at night, perhaps the link to the flow of day and night grounds us somehow.

oh really, who knows. i'm just spouting off. we're working at it. i have to hope it will pay off. but he called in the middle of the paragraph before the last one and left me feeling like we were incredibly close...

and so to bed. g'night, you all.