Friday, June 20, 2008

Solstice submission

The first day of summer. Or, as the Swedes more accurately say, midsommar. For just as the first day of winter is the turning point, after which we climb out of the valley of the shadow, midsommar is the end of the swelling of the days. The air grows thicker but the days grow shorter.

Still, it is a mental thing. We see today as a beginning. We give ourselves to the sun - except, of course, for confused worshipers such as I, who both adore and fear the sun for its power to grant both joy and death. Nothing like being a melanoma-surviving SAD-sufferer to create a constant approach-avoidance struggle with the sun god.

And then there is the philosopher, who brings light to my life on the darkest of days, and fills me with both love and pain. But while I shield myself from the sun with cloth and chemicals, I offer myself to my master naked and unprotected, body and heart and soul.

And I grow and I glow as his eyes and his cane burn through me.


oatmeal girl said...

before anyone corrects me - yes i know - strictly speaking, midsommar isn't until June 24th. but close enough for a sex blogger...

i was so excited the year ex-hubby #2 and i lived in Swedish. finally, my first real Swedish midsommar. would you believe... both children AND adults go hopping around the majstång singing about little frogs. not at all the flowery romantic image i'd had in my mind...

Cin said...

You have a lovely blog, I'm really glad I followed the bread crumbs of someone's blogroll to find you.

I'd love to add you to mine.

Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, as a pagan I love the summer solstice.
Mid summer day St. John in Summer the churches attempt to depaganize the solstice.
Have a happy solstice.
Warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

cin - thanks so much for stopping by! given that i'm forbidden to look at my stats, i'm curious to know who led you to me. i'd be delighted to have you add me to your blogroll. sorry i can't return the favor, given that i don't have a blogroll myself.

paul, i have a very strong pagan bent. even my Judaism is well salted with paganism. our bodies sing with the seasons, and no matter how hard the authorities try to squelch it, the truth of nature will always burst through.