Monday, June 9, 2008

Maintenance Report

i’m not sure which of us loves this picture more, the philosopher or me. it is one of many by the Orientalist painter Jean Léone Gérôme depicting slaves being sold. and bought. and displayed.

the fantasy appeals to us both. especially this one.
the slave as object.
being inspected to see if it is worth the price being asked.

it is one of scenarios he uses to talk me down into subspace. and something he does when we are together. forcing my mouth open. running his fingers over my teeth before he moves on to inspecting the rest of my body by sight and by touch.

i am nothing.
i am property.
i must be judged as to my readiness for use.

this morning i went to the dentist. i was way overdue for a cleaning, not because of neglect but because of lack of funds and dental insurance. my master reminded me ahead of time that i am merely his property, and that everything they did to me was being done on his behalf. if it were up to him, i would be strapped into the examining chair and he would be standing over me while the hygienist poked and prodded and made me bleed, all to make me fit for my master’s use.

my master suspected i would slip into subspace during the procedure.

which i did.

but not before wishing that he had ordered me to wear my lovely new purple butt plug. it would have made me feel even more owned…

i felt myself getting wet as the surrogate torturer inserted the little metal tip of her probe between my teeth and under the edges of my gums.

and when i finally arrived at my office, i sent the following e-mail to my master:

your property passed inspection, and is now cleaned, fluoridated, and ready for use.

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Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, I hope that he was well pleased.
Warm hugs,