Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My creativity
is constipated.
I strain
to release
a poem.
I sit
in my desk chair,
I try to
I recite
as if
the Amidah,
trying to
to yield
more than mere
pellets of

I switch metaphors,
a poetic
searching for the
right combination
of magic meds.
I stop pushing.
I lie back.
I open my legs.
I beckon Apollo
with pert red curls,
crying cunt,
pale round belly,
and teasing tits.
Like a forest deer
drawn to a salt lick,
he can't resist
the musky scent
between my thighs.
Even a god must
sometimes submit.
He submits to his lust.
He descends from Olympus
and lands close beside me.
He doesn't waste time.
He sees that I'm wet.
He throws himself on me.
I am bait and victim
rolled into one.
He thrusts.
I moan.
I yield.
And as he cums,
filling me with his immortal seed,
precious poems flow from my gasping lips,
surrounding us with ribbons of gold,
petals of roses and carpets of fern.


Anonymous said...

Not so blocked after all.

mamacrow said...

oooo lovely. lovely lovely lovely. One of your BEST in my humble opinion.

worth having writer's block then!

Paul said...

OG, love it, great poem
You should be laid as a living offering at His feet at Delphi.
Love and warm hugs,

Dante d'Amore said...

That was good enough to read twice!

Laur said...

Wonderful :)

oatmeal girl said...

Thank you, all. It was, in fact, an accurate account. I was forcing myself, straining to get the words out, hoping that if I just sat here and typed out words, followed this uncomfortable image, that something would come from it.

And amazingly, just as sometimes happens with physical constipation, the tightened sphincter of my brain did open up in the end.

And then I felt like a real writer. A person whose job it is to write, who sits down and writes at the appointed time whether inspiration is lurking or not.

Orlando - I was in fact really blocked, but I beat it - and without being beaten! Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

mamacrow - nothing is worth having writer's block for, but I am really pleased. Thank you for the praise.

The sadist, by the way, said "Disgusting, but well done."

Paul - I do so love your image. Thank you for that.

Dante - what a treat to get a comment from you! My Master always reads my pieces at least twice, and usually more. It's like seeing a movie twice; the second time you can concentrate on the details, the symbolism, the odd things going on behind the main action. Very rewarding. In the early days of my writing for him, I was stunned at the things he showed me that I had said - things I had no idea I'd put in there!

He's a wise and creative man, my demon muse.

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks to you, too, Laur. Marko is crawling all over my little desk and the laptop and my lap and - oops, now his tail is in front of the screen and now on the keyboard and he hit the caps lock with his butt...