Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A spanking can't fix everything

My big boy needed surgery today.

He eats things.
He's always had this urge to eat things.
Especially plastic.
And tape.
He's compulsive about it.
It's bad enough that he is driven to gnaw on corrugated boxes.
But he'll also pull the tape off them and eat that.

I don't know what he ate this time. He clearly ate some plastic, because he threw it up. He always throws the stuff up. But then he kept throwing up. And not eating. Not drinking. Just lying around looking really miserable. And never coming upstairs.

Finally, today, he had surgery. We thought maybe there was something inside blocking things up. But nothing was found - except that his stomach and gall bladder and liver don't look too good. So the conclusion is that something must have poisoned him. He had started perking up, but much too slowly. And that no eating business is very bad for their livers. Especially for a big boy like Marko.

So now he'll go on antibiotics.
And anti-nausea meds.
And IV fluids till he gets his appetite back.

Of course, there's still the question of my appetite...
I think I lost another pound or two in the last three days.
Not to mention the sleep I've lost.

Or the money.

You know all those people who are holding it together and then suddenly they are without their jobs and without their health and without their homes and without their sanity? I can see how it happens.

Smart, educated, creative, and broke.

But with luck, I'll still have the cats.

And my Daddy.
And I'll still have my Daddy.


sin said...

Get well soon to Marko...

Jen said...

The good news about cats is that they are resiliant (sp).

My cat (2 year old bengal-16 pounds) Cubie ate a Texas cock-roach last summer. Same thing, the bacteria poisoned him. He was soooo sick, but went from zero to 100 almost overnight.
And the vet said it happens ALL the time. Cats are tuff little buggers!

He's got you lovin' on him. :) He'll pull through!
Best of luck to you both!

Anonymous said...

my hopes and prayers go out to you and your gorgeous kitty :) everything will get better!

Lilith Pane said...

I too offer my best wishes to you and your loved ones (especially your kitty).


charlotte said...

Beautiful cat...he reminds me of my Smokey. i hope he gets better soon, also sounds like we are both in the same predicament...cats, no job but we do have a Master. Good luck, you will be in my thoughts.

Paul said...

OG, loving our companions as we do, it is hard when they are ill.
He will recover, cats do.
Sending you both love and healing.
Love and warm hugs,

SerenaDante said...

I'm so sorry to hear about that, I hope he gets better very soon!