Saturday, August 20, 2011

He says I need direction

"You need my direction. Remind me Tuesday."

Well, of course I need his direction!
Especially now, having been on my own for a week.
There's a reason I respond to ownership.
A reason I gravitate towards dominance.

I need it.

And not from just anyone.

I had a good time.
And in some ways, it was good to have the freedom.
But I always carried him within me.

And coming home,
leaving where I was,
leaving the people I was with,
was a lot easier knowing I was coming home
to resume being
who I really am.

(Boy, would my friends be surprised...)


Mindset said...

I am so craving direction right now.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We missed you. Funny how that leash stretches, isn't it?

(Gee. Do you think the fiend really needs a reminder?)
- jcn

Vulnerable (klaudia) said...

I love your blog, thank you for sharing things with us. Feel warmly welcome in my own one -