Tuesday, August 2, 2011

His hand, my butt

He spanked me.

So "Nu...?" you say. Or would say if you were one of my long-dead Yiddish-speaking grandfathers. Either one. The Socialist or the Communist. Take your pick.

Where was I?
Ah yes.

So "Nu...?" you say.
He's a dom.
A sadist.
I should be surprised?

Well, yes. Because there hasn't been much spanking of this slave's smooth, soft, sumptuous bottom lately. The sadist has been cautious, hoping not to awaken the beast who has been lolling around in the heat of these past few weeks. Still, a man has appetites. Not to mention a precious toy which it's a pity not to use to full advantage

So he spanked his treasure's bottom.
And pinched his little slave's nipples.
And renewed the bite marks on her neck and lower lip.

It wasn't a bad spanking.
Just enough to leave a lingering pain a few hours later.

A treasured, ringing reminder
of pain
and love
and the hour or so I spent worshiping his cock with my mouth.


top_kat said...

There is something always quite special about the reminders.

I so enjoy reading your blog :)

Regards, Kat

Yours Truly said...

mmmmmmmm...lingering physical reminders are nice.