Thursday, December 15, 2011

So there's good news and bad news

Everything is complicated.

The good news is clear enough. 
I've gotten a job!!
Good work,
lousy money,
reasonable benefits,
GREAT holiday schedule.
And a very short commute.
Although not as short as my last job.

And there's the problem.
Anyone remember what happened with my last job?
Anyone remember
my Tuesday lunches?
When it wasn't sandwiches that filled my mouth?

I would race home,
strip off my clothes,
pop open the futon,
lay out the implements,
and greet him naked at the door.

Invariably, I was late getting back to the office.
But at least our snatched half hours were feasible.

And then I was laid off.
And our trysts stretched to one hour.
Even three hours now and then.
Every week.
Every Wednesday.
Until his schedule changed.
Then it was every Tuesday.

And now?
Not possible.
I won't be far from home.
But not close enough for a weekly lunchtime quickie.

And besides.
Now we're spoiled.
Very spoiled.
We've eaten of the fruit.
Such sweet fruit.
Sweet and tart and slightly poisonous,
leaving our lips hot and soft and moist
and red-stained with desire.

We're spoiled.
And I worry about how things might change
when the intensity of frequency is lost.

The sadist orders me not to worry.
And says he is already contemplating options.
Considering ways to make up for our missed Tuesdays.

So I try to have faith
and then smile
and remember
that this man who owns me
body and soul
always gets
whatever he wants.


SBF said...

Congratulations on your new job!!

I am sure he will figure things out for you both.


poured out said...

I, too, am sure he will figure things out. I recently changed jobs and it has caused kinks (not a good kind) in our daily ritual. Sir has been so encouraging and supportive AND has found ways to compensate. I've just had to breathe and trust Sir.

Mindset said...


isn't scheduling always an issue?

it will work out.

strivingforpeace said...

congratulations and condolences

but perhaps a bit more of the congrats!


Michael Samadhi said...

For every gain, there is some loss.

But for every door that closes, a window opens.

mamacrow said...

congrats on finding work!

Hope the money increases :D

and I have every faith that dear Mr Fiend will find a way to make your schedules mesh x