Sunday, January 29, 2012

A challenge

This song came up on the bluegrass station.
A gospel song.
I'm not a Christian.
I can't say for sure whether I believe in God.
But I do like religious music of various sorts.
Stained glass bluegrass.
Black gospel for sure.
Early music masses.
My tastes are most definitely eclectic.

And then there's the sadist.
And me.
And his ownership.
And my struggles.
Can I really yield as completely as he wishes me to.

This song came up.
The words...

I wanted to send the lyrics to him
but wasn't sure I could swear I was ready to mean them.
To promise that full a commitment.

I want to.
I try.
But it scares me.

To cede everything...
that does scare me.

Here is the song, by the artists I heard on the radio.

And here are the first verse and the chorus.
The Lowest Valley, by Pearl Mullins
Lord I don't want to do one thing on my own
Put me where you want me Lord where I belong
Give me the strength Lord to do thy perfect will
And when I'm in the lowest valley I can climb the highest hill

   Lord I want to be what you want me to be
   Lord I want to do the things you want me to do
   Lord I want to stay in the center of thy will
   When I'm in the lowest valley I can climb the highest hill

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Slut said...

Bluegrass is so soulful, and this is beautiful.
xoxo, Slut