Saturday, June 23, 2012

No one. Ever.

He made me glow.
He made me feel valued.
He said I was beautiful
and I grew to believe it.
He saw things in me
that no one ever had.

No one.

There are many kinds of pain in the world.
There are many sorts of danger.
But what he did for me -
What he gave me -
What he showed me -

Aw, hell.


GenuineRisk said...

But these things he made you feel are real. The qualities perceived are real. This is you, OG.
Nothing can assuage the pain you feel, but it is because you are too much that collection of things perceived, because you are Anais and the little whore and the baby girl and the magnificent, brave, curious and generous woman you are that this happened. Too much, not too little.
And whatever else love does, it must reflect our best self back at us. Whatever you do, keep with you that vision of yourself as artist and lover that he rightly saw, and some day, when the knife of pain is not quite so acute, it will appear to be the gift it is.
I'm so sorry for your trouble, dear girl.

mamacrow said...


Those things were all true, and he's not the only one that will see them. promise.