Friday, June 8, 2012

SIRI is mine!

No, not the woman in my iPhone.
We haven't gotten that personal yet.
In fact we've hardly talked at all.

It's the other SIRI.
This one.

From LELO.
In purple.

The name "Siri", by the way, is Scandinavian, as is appropriate for a pleasure object (their term) made by a Swedish company. It is short for Sigrid, and means victory, wisdom, and beautiful. And it certainly was a beautiful victory to finally get one.

To review.

I was away at a conference this last week.
For work.
And I worked very hard.

Plus there was a long flight, and a 3-hour time difference, so I'm massively tired. Not a good thing just before running off to meet the sadist for our usual June hotel rendez-vous which got moved up to this weekend from its normal end-of-month date. At least it won't be 105 degrees this time! (That's Fahrenheit, for those of you using the other system. It equals around 40.5 C)

Anyway, someone at LELO had the not-inappropriate idea of having a booth at what was basically a medical conference. It was a bit of creative positioning which in fact made a lot of sense, and their booth generated both a lot of sales and a lot of talk.

There must have been a lot of vibrators going past the TSA agents on Thursday and Friday...

I bought (at a VERY reduced price) a little set of silicone balls to help with my Kegel exercises, and then - after explaining who and what I was (in a lowered voice, as I was there in an official capacity and didn't want people to know that I was also a sex blogger!) - begged for SIRI to be mine.

I probably begged harder than I had to.

So watch this space for a review, which will compare SIRI with my current standby, the LAYAspot.

Which reminds me that I do still owe EdenFantasys a review of the last toy they sent me. A very nice toy, too. Time to just get it out there - and BEFORE I do the one for SIRI. So keep an eye out for that as well.

And maybe I'll tell you a thing or two about my getaway this weekend.
If you ask really nicely.
Can you beg as shamelessly as I can?

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mamacrow said...

please! please! please please please! Oh pretty pretty please with whatever you like on top!