Saturday, July 28, 2012

Body modification

That's his word for it.
Body modification.
He likes to be threatening.

Me, I call it a diet.
He's putting me on a diet.
A very strict, healthy, effective diet.
He knows it's effective.
From personal experience.

He thinks my fans won't like it.
He says blog readers are fine with canings
and fine with nipple torture,
and giving a slave to friends to fuck.
But diets?

I think he's wrong.
At least in this case.

Because he is NOT saying there's anything wrong with my body. He's not trying to make me feel bad about myself. It's purely because he enjoys the control. I can't remember what triggered it but all of a sudden it struck him that he'd enjoy doing it.

Enjoy the control.
Enjoy my humiliation.
The supervised weigh-ins.
The rewards if I've done well.
The punishments when I haven't.

But here's the thing.
On the one hand, I love feeling controlled.
The thought of it makes my pussy wriggle and run.
Even the thought of the punishments gets me all excited.
And I know there will be punishments.
Because I'm on this weird 2 week hormonal cycle
so no matter how good I've been
there will be a couple of days when my weight shoots up
and with my luck
it will always hit on a day that he weighs me.

Ah well. He'll enjoy beating me. And it is my job to give him pleasure, right? I'm sure he'll use the cane. I don't enjoy the cane. He makes statements with the cane. And he knows I like being spanked. Though there are ways to spank me, and to whip me with his belt, that make it feel like a punishment. Especially if he does it when he first arrives. Before the endorphins kick in. Before things stop hurting so much.

My butt hurts right now.
It just started.
I think it's from a little caning.
Which wasn't a punishment.
It was a statement.
And I was in the closet.
In the walk-in cedar closet
where I'd been waiting in the dark
against the wall
and now was gripping the heavy iron bar
as the strip of wood he uses as a cane came down
and again
but really not that hard -
or I thought it wasn't that hard -
and it made a statement.

Which I can't tell you.

Not because I'm not allowed. He didn't say I couldn't tell you. But I'm not sure I can explain it. Or that I want to. It's another stage in the process. So maybe at some point. Right now it just feels too intimate. And words are inadequate. So not now.

Anyway, I was talking about the diet.
The body modification.
For his pleasure.
Pleasure in the process
more than in the results.

And here's what's on the other hand that I referred to way up the page. I do need to go on a diet. For health reasons. At least 20 pounds and as much as 40. Really! If you saw me, you'd say no. Can't be. But just as my age doesn't show, the extent to which I'm overweight doesn't really show. At some point I'm sure he'll decide my face is too thin, and that my belly isn't round enough. Because he has this thing about my belly...

And the third hand is that I'm highly deficient in discipline and self-control. Which is why I've been sorry all along that he didn't want to put me on a diet. I am grateful that he is taking control. I'll be grateful even for the punishments, because we both know how effective they are.

I've never forgotten the time he beat me for my typos.
Really beat me.
So I know how well punishments can work.

Plus there's one more thing.
I don't know what other ideas he might have about body modification.
But I know he really likes my hair.
The color.
The curls.
The length.
So I don't have to worry about his cutting it off
or making me dye it black.

Because that I couldn't do.

What do you all think?
Because you know he'll want to hear.
Are you upset about his putting me on a diet?


Sue said...

You sound like it is OK with you, perhaps something that feels positive and loving. So, I say good for you both. Good luck with the luck of the days when weigh-ins happen... and if good health and long life result from all of this, then what's to not like?


Anonymous said...

Loving springs to mind when I read it.
A loving Dom!

Anonymous said...

There's certainly no famine in the hotness department, regards his body modification, that's for *sure*... sounds starvingly sexy... a domination of mouth watering proportions.

Anonymous said...

It's the kind of thing that often upsets me, or worries me anyhow. Mixing diet and control from someone else, that is.

But you're clearly embracing it. {shrug} Who am i to question that? If it turns out to be a really bad idea, you'll figure that out, or he will, and quit doing it.

There are people who are emotionally fragile and insecure that this might not be the best idea for. But even then, it's not up to me - or us - to disapprove, and if we do, that usually just locks them into the idea. Fortunately, that's not the case here.



mamacrow said...

firstly it doesn't matter in the least whether I'm upset about Him putting you on a diet! Other than the thought of people being upset about seems to tickle his fancy ;-)

I must explain that food/fluid control is an absolute hard limit for me due to personal reasons and past, I thought I was fairly unique in this so it's interesting that He assumed that most would dislike it.

I had no issues with how you presented it all, sounds like the perfect marrying of needs to me - something He enjoys doing and something you need doing!

I not sure I feel entirely comfortable with you being punished with fluctuations that are not under your control, but then that's probably more to do with the fact that we don't 'do' punishment, all spankings etc are part of intimacy, punishment doesn't work as a concept for either of us.

Actually, quite apart from the physical benefits it sounds like something that will draw you closer together :-)

this girl said...

I'm a little jealous, frankly. It sounds like a very fun, hot and rewarding way to get healthier.
And look sexier.

Adam said...

My girlfriend and I have made a pact that we're both going to be more fit and healthy in our lifestyles.

Having the support of doing it together makes a big difference, but if I had to do it on my own I know I'd get fed up and give up pretty quickly.

Inferno said...

It is interesting to me because I have never heard of diet being used in such a way.
I don't think though that using diet or weigh ins is any different than any other sort of control measures personally.
It is all about whatever works for the people doing it.

chastity said...

I think it's a great idea. As long as it's beneficial to your body, that is. I'm trying to lose weight at the moment, I could do with some coercion. :)