Sunday, July 8, 2012


Passion, he said.
That may be the rarest, most valuable thing I have introduced into your life.

I thought there was passion before, I wrote back.
But not like this.
Never like this.

Passion, he said later, in an unexpected late-night phone call.
Most people don't have it.
They have love.
But rarely passion.

It's different from hunger.
Different from love.
Different from feverish sexual desire.
And he's right.
I know he's right.
I never knew it before.

And now,
when we kiss,
streams of passion stream from our lips
leaving steaming puddles around us on the bed.


painspleasure said...

I thought this was beautiful and so glad i came accross it. I used to think passion waned after a time, but im learning this is not the case.


Mindset said...

Thank you I needed this.

Sue said...

This is the sort of post that just tickles in the back of my brain until I figure out what it is that is "getting" me. Stand by...


Sue said...
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