Sunday, July 15, 2012

Masturbation mania (17) - Harmonia hits a high G


Harmonia excited the cats no more than did my other sex toys. Marko preferred the view out the window, while Ketzel found more pleasure in washing her toes. She's always been a fastidious little thing.

I, however, found plenty of pleasure while playing with Harmonia, which I received free from EdenFantasys in exchanged for writing an honest (and uncensored) review. Yesterday's post was a relatively factual introduction. Today you get to read my reactions in the emails I sent to the sadist while I was conducting my lab test. When you're reviewing vibrators, you can't submit the kind of dispassionate report you might expect from Consumers Union about refrigerators.

So this is what my Master read, in installments, as Harmonia and I set out to entertain my G-spot.

It was a Sunday morning in November.

Nightgown off, Daddy.

I'm sitting up in bed, naked, my nice normal tits moving slightly as I type and as my breath flows in and out. My nipples and areolae have contracted with the chill of the room. I see the moon-like glow from the light of the window.

I'm going to start with one of my clitoral vibes, as I think this new one is too strong for warm-up. My clitoral vibe is pink, too. They coordinate nicely. Visual pleasure... all the sense are important.

I love you, Daddy.

 I apply a drop of lube to the tip of the clitoral vibe (LAYAspot), and gently rub it against my clit. Immediately, my arousal rises. Oh Daddy, it's so good to feel the familiar sensations, the practiced simulation that comes from knowing my own body! But there's also this extra sensation, this extra excitement of being touched by a foreign object.

I am being used.

For your pleasure.
I am a sacrifice to your pleasure, 
laid out on the altar of my bed, 
giving myself to you.

Time to turn on the small device before proceeding to the new one.
Before impaling myself with the new one.

My body undulates with pleasure.
Your little girl's body, writhing beneath the covers.
Writhing for her Daddy.

Your eyes see across the miles and beneath the layers of comforter, fleece, and sheet. You know her pleasure is all for you.

Time to insert the new device.

It popped right in, Daddy! I'm glad I warmed my pussy up first. Plus I think they know how to design devices that go in easily, no matter how big. They made the black one I like so much.

Once it is stuffed inside me, the noise doesn't seem so bad.

I pulled it out and held the bulbous end to my clit. The vibrations run up and down the whole shaft. I shoved it back in and bent it so the base buzzed against my clit while the rest was still inside me.

It's inside me as I write, Daddy.

I'm experimenting with angles and depths, trying to learn about my G-spot. Sometimes I think I hit it. I think of you watching the expressions on my face.



do you here me cry out, Daddy?

left leg flat on bed
right foot on bed
right knee bent up
typing with 1 finger
device buzzing against G-spot

i feel it in deep in my womb
and all the way up in my diaphragm
an almost painful pleasure

i grunt

I came, Daddy.
For you.
I came for you
and now I feel it again, Daddy.
From our trip.
I feel us lying in bed,
peaceful and happy,
your nakedness next to mine,
warm and happy and peaceful and close.

That's the name of this toy company, Daddy.

I feel close to you.

I wish I had time to linger in bed longer.
Savoring it.
Savoring how close I feel to you.

To back up... the Harmonia was inside me, and I put both legs back down flat on the bed, bending the flexible silicone so the base was vibrating against my clit while the shaft buzzed through me and the tip was still buried up against my G-spot. G for groans. I wasn't even pushing it in and out, Daddy, just letting it vibrate, giving myself to the vibrations, giving myself to you and it was glorious, Daddy, but almost too intense, so I pulled it out and held the bulb against my clit and moved it over it gently - or maybe it wasn't so gently, Daddy, we know how arousal changes my perception of pain - and the pleasure built and built and you were watching me and it was all for you, Daddy, though I can't remember exactly what I was thinking and then the noises, Daddy... they weren't high and whimpering, they came from deep within me, they were deep and guttural and I came hard, Daddy, even with all the meds I'm on because of the time of year, and not as much heavy contractions because of that and age but it was a full orgasm nevertheless Daddy and it was for you Daddy and I only wish I had much more time to lie here savoring it.

I felt you afterwards, Daddy.
Lying there with me.
So close to me.
I was so close to you.
I AM so close to you, Daddy.
Right now.
Your own angel girl.

Can you feel me...?

Reading that over now, as I transfer it from the e-mails, makes me want to give it another try. Right now. But, of course, I can't. The sadist has decreed that I may not cum this weekend. Since he's out of town. Since I didn't get to serve him. 

Except that I did serve him. 
Not with my mouth. 
Not with my hand. 
Not with my pussy.

With my words.
With my brain, as he likes to say.
With the e-mails I sent him throughout the day,
entertaining him,
distracting him,
informing him,
I am sure
making his cock wiggle in the prison of his pants.

I always find a way to serve.

Now if only pussy would stop twitching and pulsing and begging me to shove that lovely, flexible, hot pink Harmonia deep inside her!

Another time, pussy.
I promise.
Another time.

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sin said...

very nice - I think I want one!

I love description of you laid out on the alter of service to him. Nice.