Sunday, October 27, 2013

About love and pain and cats

It's about cats.

It's not about cats.

It's called How to Pet a Kitty.
Until it could be called How to Love a Sadist.
When it's almost at the end.
When it talks about petting your kitty's belly.
And you know what can happen
when you try to pet a kitty's belly.
Even when the kitty offers her belly.

And that's when suddenly it's not just about cats:

Biting and clawing is a form of "love mauling."
The more pain they deal out,
the more they are trying to tell you
they love you.
Endure the pain
and do not stop petting your kitty.

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mamacrow said...

I just went and read the whole thing - again, as it happens, but with the new perspective your musings on it brought...


yes. very applicable, isn't it?!