Saturday, October 26, 2013

Power to the butt plug

You would think he had hypnotized me.
Or cast a wizard's spell.
Or came from another planet
and transformed me with intergalactic vibrations.

But no.
Nothing so exotic.
Nothing more than plastic.
A little knob of purple silicone
shoved up my well-oiled ass.

It's not even that big, you know.
My little purple butt plug.
You've seen it.
You've read about it.
I've always liked it.
But now he's smitten with it.
Smitten with its power.

It turns me to jelly.

He orders me up onto the bed. On my hands and knees, head facing the head of the bed. Back arched to best present my little puckered ass hole to him. My little puckered ass hole which he swears is pink although it really doesn't look that young and pink to me but if that is how it appears to him who am I to argue because then he'll just beat me till I agree.

So I present my PINK butt hole, and (it seems) he coats a finger with K-Y and plunges it in and out of me to prepare me for entry and coats the pretty purple plug with more K-Y and pushes a few times till it pops past the stubborn outer gate and then thrusts hard so it is wedged inside me and then cranks it around as if he were truly screwing me and then fucks me with it and meanwhile I'm descending into I'm not sure where but it's somewhere I usually mustn't be because I must be alert and focused and thinking only of serving him and his cock and his pleasure but when he fucks me with the butt plug I am to give myself to the sensation and to its power which is his power and sometimes he sort of hits at it which doesn't actually hurt but instead nails it into me, intrudes on me, pounds a little and I feel each little thud of impact in my womb and I sink and I sink and if he kept it up I'd be flying so high he could torture me to death and I would welcome it and smile and thank him as my life slipped away.

But instead he eventually stops and raises me to my feet and I stand naked before him and raise my face towards his and offer my mouth and as we both know because it happens every time my mouth is so damn soft you'd think my lips were a mound of whipped cream but warm and moist and soft and yielding and right there is a testament to the beauty of his power and I look up into his eyes because he always wants my eyes and my eyes are glowing and he sees into me deeper than I even can see into myself and Yes. It was always thus. Butt plug or no. He has always seen into me and knows what I need and knows what I want and knows who I am and knows how to make the most of that and knows - as we both know - that I am dripping, melting, sopping wet.

And then he is inside me.

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mamacrow said...

*happy dancing*!

lovely awesome amazing post :D