Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm trying. I'm really trying.

I want to post something every day.
So I don't lose the habit.
So I don't lose it yet again.
Which is why I'm here posting nothing worth reading.

It's as if you, my improbably loyal readers, were the teacher. You call my name. I raise my hand and chirp "Present."

And then sleep through the rest of the class.

Sorry, gang.
See you tomorrow.

(This did get posted on Monday, 10/28, but I was so spaced out that I posted it to a different, private blog where I keep some poetry. So I'm re-posting it here on Tuesday but with Monday's date. I'm such a confused pet!)

1 comment:

mamacrow said...

*looks over the top of glasses*

Oatmeal Girl?
Oatmeal Girl?
Oatmeal Girl! Are you sleeping in class?! Again?!


*gets out the cane*