Saturday, November 2, 2013

"He beat the talent out of you" - and his eyes shone with love

This could be about Daddy my Master:

Heaven and Hell, I would say. Hell in the sense that he didn't let you get away with anything. He pushed and he pushed you. He beat the talent out of you. He knew more about what you could give than you did. And that's not an easy environment to be around.

The Heaven is that he was most always right. And he pushed you to your best work. So if you could survive that day with [him], you walked out onto the street probably as tired as you've ever been - but with the pride of your life.

It could be - it is - about Daddy my Master. Even though it comes from an interview with the author of a new book about Bob Fosse.

(He wasn't like that today, though. He was sweet and soft and loving as he called me his baby girl for the first time in months. And he was so happy to hold his special little girl again that his mouth went all soft and sweet and his eyes shone as bright and loving as mine as he lowered himself down onto my body and his cock kissed my pussy and for two hours we were as happy as anyone in the world.)

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mamacrow said...

yay oh how I love to read posts like this!

don't get me wrong, I love the ones of the 'poetic pain' variety too, but ah, I'm in love and a romantic at heart, and this is just wonderful!