Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sometimes, he lets me cum

He let me cum today.

I asked yesterday.
After his visit.
After giving him what he needed so badly.

He said yes.
But not till today.
He enjoys knowing I'm masturbating for him.
But he also enjoys knowing I'm not masturbating.

He enjoys the power.

So it wasn't till today.
He rewarded his pussy.
He allowed me to touch his property.

And I did.

He was watching the football game while miles away I was under the covers, half naked, my beloved little LELO Siri buzzing away against my clitoris. Oops. I mean, his clitoris. The whole day, I was aware that I would be touching myself for him. Cumming for him. And all day, he was aware of the same thing.

We have so many ways of being together when we're apart.
So many ways of feeling each other.
Touching each other.
And he has so many delicious ways of controlling me.

I thrive beneath his control.

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