Monday, November 4, 2013

You know what submissives are like

Desperately in need of reassurance.

Whether presenting our bodies for admiration, or abuse. Whether offering sexual pleasure or having pleasure wrested from us. Whether smiling prettily, sending sensual poems, or whispering phrases guaranteed to incite our owner to cum. We need reassurance that we are beautiful and sexy, clever and enchanting, small and soft and vulnerable and whatever else we are required to be.

Writers - especially those of us who bare our brains as well as baring our tits and ass - we can be the worst of all.

So thank you.
Thank you, old friends.
Thank you, my fans, as he likes to call you.
It's good to know you're out there.
Still or again.

And I'm sorry I'm so insecure that I had to summon you all now. Especially as I will surely do it again on Love Our Lurkers Day, which is coming up soon. Unless I forget. Because I do tend to forget things...

Except, see? I didn't forget to post today!

Good girl.


sin said...

are all submissives like that? Desperately in need of reassurance? I feel like I am. Who knew about everyone else?


(still here, and glad you are posting again too)

Anonymous said...

It is glorious to see you posting again, OG. So very glad things are going well - and, yes. We need masses of reassurance, daily, sometimes hourly. Yay! Keep writing, please. - jcn

lil said...

In a way, it's really nice to know that I'm not alone with my insecurities!
Probably;y not an ideal approach...But at least I know I'm in good company lol.