Thursday, June 10, 2010

He makes me keep my glasses on


15 minutes between when I leave the office and when my Master arrives at the house. I rush home from work and take everything 0ff. Shoes, shirt, slacks, underpants, bra, socks, support knee-hi's for the surgery and medication-instigated swelling in my legs... I take the combs from my hair, the silver from my ears, watch and ring from my arm and hand...

And I leave the glasses
I greet my Master in my glasses.
I offer him my mouth while wearing my glasses.
I suck on his cock, glasses pressed against his belly.

The world grows a little vague.

I fight not to lose focus as I swim in the joy of his presence and his body and his sweetness and his cruelty and the amazing, complex bond between us. I fight not to lose focus and at that I am more or less successful. At least it is something I have a chance at controlling.

Keeping my glasses clean is a lost cause.

Occasionally, recently, he has removed them. Perhaps twice. I see reasonably well without them as long as I don't have to read. And without them the world is not obscured by the fog of passion and the smudges of sweat.

Actually, except for their inconvenient interference with certain angles of kisses, my glasses don't bother me. My eyes are not one of my better features. One is bigger than the other, and not very big even then, one doesn't move properly, both have short, thin lashes... surrounding them with thin purple frames can only help, I think.

But that's not why he makes me keep them on. Men have obsessions. They all have their own obsessions. And lately, it seems, I have been blessed or cursed with men who have a thing for glasses.

Perhaps it goes with an attraction to intelligence.
In which case I'm in good shape.

In any case, what I think is irrelevant.
Bra, glasses, panties - on or off -
Whatever he wants,
he gets

Which makes us both very happy.

(And yes, his visit on Wednesday made us both very happy.)


Anonymous said...

oatmeal girl, your just wonderful and have made me smile xxxxx, thankyou for your post

Aisha said...

I love to read your reflections on your relationship. You describe your wants and needs, your experiences, and the places it takes you in your mind so beautifully. I appreciate you sharing your journey - and envy you sometimes! Thank you.

mamacrow said...


the problem comes when you BOTH have glasses. then they tend to clash when you kiss if you're not careful.

nancy said...

And what a great visual of your rush to remove all but the glasses... delightful.
I'm so happy for you both.

Anonymous said...

yes i agree with aisha i envy you too

Paul said...

OG, great post, happy that your Wednesday visit went well.
As a lifelong wearer of glasses I know the problems.
Love and warm hugs,

Sharazade said...

I'm quite nearsighted, and have never got along well with contact lenses. I've worn glasses for so long they are almost a part of me; but more than jewelry or some other favored token, they change how I see things.

To remove my glasses not only makes me feel vulnerable, it actually makes me vulnerable. It feels very trusting to remove them for someone else--he can now see me more clearly than I can see him. It's not exactly a blindfold, and yet it comes close to that feeling.

I'm touched by a lover who knows to take good care of my glasses, to remove them carefully and to place them somewhere safe. And who remembers where he put them--because I can't find my glasses again without my glasses.

Janice said...

Dear Oatmeal Girl, what a cracking blogpost. I love those details, those small things (although being with out without glasses isn't really a small thing, I know...smiles) that makes such a difference.