Monday, June 28, 2010

Leda and the Swan

Afterglow. The painting is by François Boucher, who is also responsible for my signature odalisque. Both parties appear to be in a state of happy satiety, although that swan, greedy god that he is, can't help eying her proffered pussy. He is a bit of a sadist, as well as a god, and wants to feed on her screams as he clamps his beak on her labia.

She is swimming in a haze of sex and endorphins. It's not every day one is fucked by a god. Seduced, claimed, raped, there are many names you can put to it. Vocabulary is irrelevant. She is his now. Swan, Zeus, a bird, a god, whoever, whatever, he owns her now.

She can want nothing more.


Anonymous said...

Well, having been bitten by an admittedly temporal rather than divine goose, (a swan's cousin?), all I can say is that I'd be up and moving very quickly if that god/bird was eying my labia! But then, as you so wisely note, she must be brimming with endorphins...Hugs, and we can't wait for your return from assignment! - jcn

SinfullyYours said...

That's a next techique in making a girl squirm, but that's ok I have my pinchers as well.