Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming soon: Oatmeal Girl in a book!

I am returning from my week-long exclusive assignment with some major news.

First, I should say that my Master was very pleased with my work, and has rewarded me with (among other sweet gifts) a long delayed and always delicious orgasm. Tonight. I am going to take my time with this one, caressing my - no, HIS pussy as I fondle sweet memories of service and pleasure and pain. After nearly 2 years, there are many memories to fondle.

The news.

I wrote a story well over a year ago that I ended up submitting (I am always submitting, aren't I...) to my very kind and supportive friend M. Christian. For those who aren't familiar with Chris, he is a prolific writer and anthologizer of sex and sci-fi stories. In this case, he flattered me by asking me to send him a story for the third volume in the series Best S/M Erotica. The subtitle is Still More Extreme Stories of Still More Extreme Sex. Now honestly, I don't think my story is all that extreme as S and M goes. In fact, to my mind it is rather poetic (no surprise), sweet and beautiful and intimate and affectionate.

It is called "You awake ahead of the alarm", and I am very proud of it.

Just before writing the previous sentence, I went back to read over my precious piece. A writer should be allowed to say when something is good. And honestly, I do think it's good. But "good" is a matter of judgment, and that can vary from one to the next. What I can offer is that it is one of my favorites among everything I have written.

And soon you will be able to read it.

To start, it will be an e-book, published by Logical-Lust. We still don't have a hard release date, but it should be out very soon. Chris says they are "
very happy with the book and plans all kinds of promos and stuff." Now of course I would like lots of people to read my story and then tell me how great I am. (Like many submissives, I am so badly in need of reassuring praise!) But what I am really after is to be able to hold the book in my hand. A real book. You know, some of you old folks might remember back when books came out on paper? With a cover? Something you could hold in one hand while you masturbate with the other? Well, if they sell enough copies as an e-book they just might bring it out in paper. Given that I have volume 2 in paper stashed away in my bedside table, this is not an unreasonable fantasy.

Now I know I don't have a huge readership here, but if even a quarter of my regulars could buy the e-book, it would certainly help nudge things along.

I'm a submissive.
I have no pride.
I will do what is required of me.
And as my Master knows
I am very good at begging.
Not to mention cock-sucking.

Begging is kind of the verbal equivalent of cock-sucking.

Obviously, I will let you all know as soon as the book containing my little masterpiece is available for purchase. Meanwhile, you can read Chris' pitch for the book (ignoring the over-ambitious projection of a street date) and start thinking about how you will pass up one or 2 lattes so you can buy a copy of the book - which does, of course, have stories by other people as well.

And yes.
I'm getting paid.

Now tell me what a good girl I am for getting published.
I do so love being called a good girl...


thedirtyblonde said...

Well done! M Christian is a gentleman indeed and I'm glad you're working with him on this exciting project x.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You & I will be between the covers together, since I have a story in the same anthology - one of my Dr. Athena Chalkdust stories. (She is my academic Domme alter-ego.)
- Jean Roberta

Shar said...

Wow, not only an anthology but a very respected one! Impressive! You should be proud as all get-out.

I understand the longing for a "real book" of print and pages. I will happily add an e-book to my collection if you will tell us when the hard copy comes out.

And in defense of the poor e-books... I am about to go abroad again, for a few weeks, to a conservative area. Not only can I not bring hard copy books because of weight, but I couldn't afford to carry around anything with the word "erotic" in its title, or a sexy picture on the cover. So I will be taking some erotic e-books with me on my laptop, secreted in several layers of folders. Without e-books, I couldn't do that.


worm said...

Soooooo awesome!!! I have been grumpy PMS all day and now I can go to sleep with a smile on my face!! I am so proud of you, O.G. and you have every right to brag; you are a beautiful writer!

Wishing you many more publishing announcements :)

Anonymous said...

How delicious! Good for you, OG. This is indeed great news, and you are an extraordinarily good girl. Wow. Literary - and intellectual! -erotica is, in your hands, deft and elegant. I look forward to buying your work in whatever form is available. Oh, yay! - jcn

Anonymous said...

good girl xxxxxxxxx

nancy said...

What wonderful news! You are indeed a good girl~ very.

M.Christian said...

Glad to have you, sweetie ... I mean "glad to have you in the book!"

You are a great person and a great writer!

mamacrow said...

OMG! Good girl good girl good girl!