Saturday, June 19, 2010


It was to be a test.
He told me as much.
Warned me.
Instructed me to concentrate.
Advised me to choose my words carefully.

But beyond that, except for how I should present myself, there were no instructions. No way I could study. No review, no practice exams, no Submission for Dummies from which I could cram. All I could give him was everything, and hope for the best.

And now?
12 hours later?

My ass is striped and sore.
A bruise is preparing to blossom below my navel.
And both cheeks are stinging still as my head pounds.

I am very happy.
I passed.
And the reward, long dangled, will be sweet.


Florida Dom said...

Congrats for passing the test and like that idea of a Submission for
Dummies book.


MrJ said...

Well done - congrats!
Guess you deserve a medal.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! What's the reward?

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks, FD. The idea of a "Submission for Dummies" book is amusing, but in fact it couldn't be more than a basic overview. At least for situations like mine. My Master has created my world, and, like Pygmalion, he continues to mold me into the creature he desires, freeing the potential that he has always known burned inside me.

Thanks, Mr. J. But considering that he rarely sees me other than naked, I am a little concerned as to where he would pin said medal.

marianne - Ah... the reward... I do need to ask him if I can say anything at all about it. I will say that it has been teasing both of us for perhaps a year and a half now, and there is always the chance it won't come to fruition. But for now, fantasy is proceeding into reality.

sweet kk said...

submission for dummies is a brilliant idea!

as a (fairly) new sub, it would come in handy!

Paul said...

OG, a tattooed medal might be an idea.
It's always good to know that He is pleased with you.
Love and warm hugs,

charlie said...

You can smile all week knowing that your prize is blossoming around your navel. All you have to do is to look down to see it. That lovely endeared mark!

Anonymous said...

Well, Hallelujah in the honeysuckle! Good for you. I'm so happy you're happy, and he's happy, and we'll all be agog to hear whatever you can share... Joy!