Saturday, June 5, 2010

End of the orgasm blockade

Last Sunday,
after steeping himself for an hour in my service,
my pleasure,
my pain,
my Master granted me an orgasm,
to be enjoyed later.

He has been strictly controlling my orgasms for quite a long time now and rarely allots me one. Of course, when he does, my own pleasure might perhaps be viewed as incidental, as it is for his enjoyment that I get to touch and to cum. Sometimes I present him with the sounds of my cumming as a voice mail. Always, I send him a report on the experience. He used to sit beside me on the bed, and later stand over me, watching me masturbate for him before wallowing in the sights and sounds of my orgasms, but our time together is always short and he hasn't done that in a long time.

My orgasm last Sunday was virtually non-existent. I tried to draw out my pleasure, to delay the eruption, and instead disrupted the whole process. They are never as convulsive now as they used to, which may be due to either age or pharmaceuticals or some annoying combination of both factors, but I usually get at least a healthy emotional catharsis out of the process.

Suddenly, I was afraid that protracted orgasm denial had resulted in permanent orgasmicide. What if I had lost the ability to cum? And what if lack of use had caused my previously agile cunt to petrify? When I inserted the vibrator last week, it hurt. What if I could no longer wrap my pussy juicily around the cocks of the men my Master keeps declaring he means to bring to use me? I had already warned in a post a couple of years ago of the dangers of neglecting regular cunt maintenance. What if it was too late to correct the damage?

I had mentioned my fears in the orgasm report I made to my Master last week and reminded him of it today. I meant to ask not for more regular orgasms but rather for permission to exercise my vaginal muscles with the vibrator, even without cumming. But he had already decided to grant me an orgasm both today AND tomorrow!

I am still recovering from the after-effects of today's masturbation session, despite a post-orgasmic nap of an hour and a half, so will be a tease and not describe exactly what I did and how I came. I will say, though, that I was so horrifically aroused by the end of our chat, which had concerned, among other things, his possible plans to do something to me he has till now restrained himself from doing, that I could barely wait to get started and never even fully undressed. Not that I would need to be fully undressed. But I touch myself for his pleasure and he likes to see me naked, so I usually strip as if he were there in more than spirit.

I always feel his eyes on me.

He likes to see me naked.
But he makes me keep me glasses on.

Thank you my Master, for the session of cunt maintenance, and the pleasure I received from touching myself, and the cleansing stress relief of my orgasms.

I belong to you, my Lord, and my life is richer for being your property.


Florida Dom said...

So good to hear that your denial did not lead to an inabillity for you to enjoy orgasms. Denial often leads to more explosive orgasms.

And while I'm sure he will continue to control your orgasms, I hope he will give you them more frequently in the future to make sure that part of your body is always in good working order and ready to serve him. It's in his best interests to do that.

Or at least let you play with your vibrator so it doesn't hurt when you insert it.

And I hope he doesn't mind me sticking my two cents worth in. I know he will continue to make all the decisions regarding your orgasms as he should.


nancy said...

I'm glad to hear that denial has not been a bad thing for you!
I've never found that it led to any inability.. much more the opposite.
Enjoy each one that he allows.

Paul said...

OG, that was probably an hormonal blip, or anxiety caused by over anticipation.
Good to hear that everything is functioning normally.
Love and warm hugs,

Orlando C. said...

Sweetie. Being denied isn't going to prevent you from coming. It's just going to raise the height of the dam. Maybe it will be a little harder to tear it down, but it when it breaks.....

oatmeal girl said...

FD - I don't know if I can have really explosive orgasms any more, at least not down in the affected physical parts, but as long as they are cleansing emotionally I'll be perfectly happy. And don't worry about sticking your 2 cents in. The fiend is, after all, a narcissist, and enjoys receiving comments that are addressed to him.

nancy - oh, I'll enjoy them all right. Just talking about them makes me all twitchy and gooey.

Paul - yup, everything seems to be working!

Orlando - it's so nice having you commenting again!! I did miss you, you know.