Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Excuses, excuses

Sorry for the silence.

Less than a day after getting home from vacation, I came down with a bad cold. A REALLY bad cold. A nonstop dripping and sleeping cold, turning the skin around my nose as red and sore as my butt after being spanked with the hairbrush.

Speaking of spanking...

The sadist is not at all happy with the current state of my health. He specifically told me that he does not appreciate people returning from vacation thoroughly exhausted and unable to serve him. The irony of it all is that, unlike most of my cabin mates, I was ever so responsible about going to bed at a reasonable hour. There was just that one morning at 3 am...

And here I am sick.
Home from work 2 days so far.
And contagious.

The sadist was all set to visit today.
All set to launch the next phase of my training.
All set to...

Let's just say that it was going to hurt.
Which scares me.
And makes me leave large gooey wet spots on the sheets.

Weird, no?

Precious ambivalence.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor baby. Goodness, I am frequently jealous of your turn of phrase, and "precious ambivalence" has just entered my working vocabulary. Great description of a semi-permanent state of mind... Here is hoping you feel much better very soon, so that someday, we can get past waiting naked in that hotel room...because we know there's not a chance in hell of learning, in advance, about your next phase of training. Drat. Still dying of curiosity, though.)

worm said...

aaahh ambivalence, a common sentiment in my world. I like it when I too can embrace it as precious, but more oft than not lately, I am uncomfortable with it and it keeps me awake at night. sigh.

hope you feel better soon!

nancy said...

Sorry you are sick! Nothing worse than a summer cold.. and the wrath of your Master.
DO get well soon!
and yes "precious ambivalence" is a great way to say it~~

Paul said...

OG, sorry to hear about your illness, I hope that you are over it now.
When I read your last sentence, I read "precocious ambivalence" then I did a second take, "not even OG would say that."
Precious ambivalence, a very nice phrase.
Love and warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

I am still not all better, but for the first time have a fair amount of energy back.

"precious ambivalence"
"precocious ambivalence"

The phrase just popped into my head. I am quite amused at the way it caught so many people's eyes.

Paul, you cracked me up when you said:

"When I read your last sentence, I read 'precocious ambivalence' then I did a second take, 'not even OG would say that.'"

As for my hotel adventure, I will get back to it eventually, if for no other reason than to document it before it all slides off into the fog of an aging brain. But between my various crises and having been sick and the distractions of the new phase of my training, it has been hard to return there. Maybe being unemployed will allow me to dedicate a few hours to churning the whole thing out. I can then feed it to you bit by bit, leaving you all constantly frustrated and panting for more.

I have certainly learned some things during these many months of extremely limited access to orgasms.