Monday, August 2, 2010

Cold - and hot

The new fridge arrived.
The delivery men easily got the old one out.
They easily got the new one in.
They turned it on.
And soon it was cold.

I cleaned up the floor.
I washed out the water pitcher.
I took another shower.
I shaved my pussy so it was sweet and smooth.

Then the sadist arrived.
I met him naked at the door.
He ordered me downstairs.
He made me wait for him in the closet.
Where it was dark.
Where it was scary.
Then he opened the door.
And it wasn't scary any more.
And I turned him on.
And soon he was hot.
And his kisses were gentle.
And his smile was sweet.
And he came with a roar.
And happiness filled the room.

Not a bad day after all.


Liras said...


nancy said...

A wonderful day , I'd say!
Good for you ~~ in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

This could change Monday's reputation entirely. I'm glad you had a sweet day. (And those closets can be - ooo. There's a utility closet in Gold Country that could tell some stories...) - jcn