Friday, August 6, 2010

Leave of Absence

I'm going on vacation for a week.
Going away.

And it's because of all the preparations and complications that I haven't been writing. Because everything is ok. Everything is lovely. Lovely and different and beautiful and happy.

However, I won't leave you without some reading material. Sharazade (a new friend) will be publishing an interview with M. Christian, the writer and editor who so kindly included me in Best S/M Erotica Vol. 3. This will be followed by a review of the book, including of my own little contribution, which she claims to have liked. You can read about her plans and general take on anthologies here.

Finally, I'll leave you with this little tidbit - or tit-bit, as the case may be. My dear sadist surprised me with a last minute lunchtime visit - the second one this week. I knelt naked before him, down between his legs, my head bobbing up and down as I made love to his cock and sucked him - truly sucked him - in those special ways that only his precious treasure knows.

I was such a good girl today.

And at certain points in his own vacation in the coming week, he will be overtaken by thoughts of his own good girl and her profusion of red waves billowing up and down over his very happy cock.

1 comment:

nancy said...

SO glad to hear that all is well!
Enjoy your vacation away.
Nothing like a change of scene to perk you up.. although you sound like things are going in a way you like rather a lot.
And thanks for the "tit-bit"; I'm sure he will think of you often.. what a lovely image.
Have FUN!