Friday, August 20, 2010

My butt meets Shakespeare. My belly meets the knife.

He has many ways of torturing me.

Today, he came by for 5 minutes.
A suddenly discovered 5 minutes snatched from a busy schedule.
A serendipitous 5 minutes when he found himself passing nearby.

He looked at me.
He touched me.
He bent me over the corner of the navy blue sofa.
He spanked me with a paperback copy of a Shakespeare comedy.
He showed me the knife for the very first time.
My belly met the tip.

He didn't cut me.
He just scared me.
Which was the whole point, I think.
He was teaching me something.
And this time the lesson was very clear.

Then he very deliberately pressed a big red button and gave me an assignment to phone him and tell him something that had me sobbing hysterically into his voice mail until the time ran out. I don't even know when the time ran out. I was crying so hard and begging and pleading and professing my love that I never heard when the time ran out.

And it was exactly what I needed. It served his purpose, it advanced my training, he was ever so pleased. But it also gave me the catharsis I needed after the shock of being laid off.

As I have said elsewhere, I do not take well to rejection.
Of any sort.
It is a very weak spot for me.
Whether deliberately or not,
the fiend gave me an outlet for the violence of my anguish.

I am sure he would deny that this played any part in his stopping by or in the little scene he chose to play out. I am sure he would insist that it was just a mini-version of a long-planned next step in my training. And it is true that he does meticulously plan my progress and becomes quite annoyed should any circumstance disrupt the progress of said plan. Nevertheless, this was not the first time that something purported to have been designed to serve his needs managed to help me as well.

Felicitous accidents do happen.
I'll leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

"Felicitous accidents" that lead to "an outlet for the violence of my anguish." He certainly impresses me as careful, thoughtful and thorough, as well as acute, so my money's on a kind thought, albeit a sadistic one that also serves to enhance training.

And as to rejecion, folks out there, I received my copy of the book. OG's story is superb, and there are 17 others, among which is one for every taste. So hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up, and order a copy now.


Paul said...

OG, your Sadist is a very clever man, as well as deviously kind in his own peculiar way.
I suspect he engineered this "Felicitous accident", or if he didn't he knew how to make best use of it.
However it happened, it was good for you.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

As has been noted, you are blessed with an amazingly thorough and wise
Accident or no, the events played out very nicely for you and of course for your Sadist.

What wonderful training~~

oatmeal girl said...

Nothing he does is ever by accident. Everything in his life is meticulously planned - perhaps even to how many breaths he takes per minute. I am sure he knew exactly what he was doing, and that he was perfectly aware of the benefit to me of something he commanded in an effort to move my training along.

jcn - thanks for promoting my story and the anthology as a whole. Another reminder to anyone who reads the book to please post a review on Amazon, under both the paperback and Kindle versions. Thanks ever so much!