Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did you miss me, Daddy?

My Daddy is a busy man.
My Daddy is a practical man.
My Daddy is a manipulative man
and - as we all know - a sadistic man.

So I didn't bother to ask him if he missed me during the 8 days I was gone. Eight days that were even harder because circumstances conspired to prevent a meeting the week before.

Instead, on Monday, at the next to the last stop on my trip north, I poured out my own longing - and did get a little something in return.

I'm happy here, Daddy.
I'm enjoying my trip.
But I'm yearning to come home.

I'm yearning to kneel before you.
I'm yearning to serve you.
I'm yearning to have everything disappear except for yielding to you.

Enjoy your stay. Training can be enhanced when the subject steps out of complete immersion and experiences a sort-of reset. However, I am looking forward to having you serve me also.

Oh, and the mark?
It is still red.
Red and clear and rising to the touch.

It s good to be home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course he did, silly girl. Glad the trip went well, glad you enjoyed happiness while away, and most of all, glad to hear how happy you are to be home! (And, oh, boy. How sexy is the "Training can be enhanced when..." comment? Shiver-purr) - jcn