Friday, September 3, 2010

A milestone - this weekend, 2 years ago

In 2008, on Monday, the first day of September, which in that year was Labor Day in the United States, the following e-mail conversation occurred:

please, sir.


from my groveling place on the floor before you.
will you let me come to you and show my obedience?
will you use me as you desire?
and if i please you
will you take me to serve you?

Of course, my pet. You must know, you must feel in your heart there was never any doubt. A connoisseur like myself pass up a rare jewel like you? Come on.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooh. No wonder...and congratulations to you both on the anniversary. - jcn

(word verification: baste???!!!)

nancy said...

So ..Happy Anniversary indeed!
I'm glad we can read so much here.. thank you both~~

MrJ said...

Happy anniversary!

Paul said...

OG, congratulations, a tiny gem, with so much potential.
Love and warm hugs,

charlotte said...

WOW...i wish you both continued happiness

Sharazade said...

Oh... what a nice smile that brought.