Monday, November 15, 2010

He came

He came for my tongue, he said.
He came for my tongue.

He came for my tongue but my brain must have been jealous. It slipped around my tongue and eased into the spotlight and at the end was alone for the encore.

He came from my brain, he said.
He came from my brain.

He came from my brain and my words and my breath. He came from my whimpers as I slid into that place. My tongue was at work, with my lips and my teeth and my baby girl fist clasped around his cock. My tongue was at work but my words made him cum and for those he will come again and again.

I am very proud of you, he said.
Good girl.

Based partly on my Daddy's own words, which are shared with his permission.


Paul said...

OG, probably the nicest words you will hear from your sadist, I'm happy for you.
Love and warm hugs,

Liras said...

Enjoy the glow of doing a good job and gaining praise.