Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"The inscriptive power of pain"

From a NY Times book review of Ivana Lowell's memoir Why Not Say What Happened?
This summer, an idealistic young New Yorker spent several weeks working with poor children in India. Just before she left, a little girl ran up and pinched her so hard she drew blood. When a translator asked why she’d hurt someone who’d been kind to her, the girl explained, “This way she won’t forget me after she leaves.” That startling child already knew the inscriptive power of pain.


charlotte said...

dear og,
i love your posts! i wanted to stop by this morning and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving...hope you have a fantastic holiday.

worm said...

Kids know this when they retell with pride the origins of all their various scraps and bruises. I am not sure when this delight usually turns to shame. Like so many things, the positive side of pain is often overlooked by adults. Much Ado about nothing!

Paul said...

OG, who else but us, know the "the inscriptive power of pain".
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Love and warm hugs,