Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ouch. Screwed up again.

I do know.
I do!
Sometimes I even think about it.
And remind myself.

Don't smile when he comes in the door.

It's inappropriate.

But every so often I forget.
I can't help it.
I'm so happy to see him!

He came in the door
and a smile spread over my face
and I thought

No smiling.
It's inappropriate.

There are smiles later.
But not when he arrives.

So I was punished.
With the strip of wood he uses as a cane.
Which hurt.
And I cried.

And afterwards, I was even softer.
And deeper in my slave space.

I learned a lot about my slave space.
But that's another story.

Maybe I'll tell you.

Meanwhile, there's this.

I realized this.

Whether for punishment or pleasure,
a man has the right to beat his slave.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he does. But don't you wonder why smiles are "inappropriate"? I mean, come on! Beating, slavery, cock-sucking, tears, begging and crawling are standard operating procedure, but a grin is - ahem! - inappropriate? I get in SO much trouble for this that I'm almost grateful for my humiliating new gag, which allows all the exciting moans and wails through, but absolutely prohibits a smile. This post, on the other hand, GAVE me a smile - albeit a rueful one. - jcn

perfect71ps said...

Won't it be nice for you both when he's trained you not to smile? I wonder what your face will show then when he appears.

goodgirl said...

For reasons I can not even explain nor understand myself your last sentence, "a man has the right to beat his slave" prickled me to my very core. To each his/her own; freedom of speech and choice I believe but reading those words felt offensive and is just one of the many reasons why I feel conflict with the exchange of Dominance/submission; Sadism/masochism; Master/slave.

You appear very happy in your relationship and that is truly all that matters for you and the exchange you have.

For me though, this entry just fills me with sadness.


oatmeal girl said...

Thank you, goodgirl. You earned yourself a post today.