Friday, September 9, 2011

Washed out

I haven't been a very dependable a blogger lately.

Blame it on the weather.
There's been far too much weather.
Meaning rain.
Far too much rain.

Yesterday, I finally dragged my large lightbox upstairs, as my brain had completely shut down. I was so desperate for light that I overdosed. It didn't make me lively, but did keep me up till 3 am. Bad girl, because then I slept till 10 this morning, meaning I missed much of whatever morning light there was.

NOTE to those who are contemplating light therapy for winter sluggishness or depression or full-out SAD. You're supposed to start using it before you can tell that you've slowed down. Meaning in mid-August, just a few minutes as early in the morning as possible (yeah, right...) and then gradually increasing. But this was an emergency. I keep that big box in the dining room once the season starts, and have a Sunlight Jr. on the kitchen counter, with another Sunlight Jr. for my office desk when I'm fortunate enough to have paying employment. (At home, I mainly work at the thoroughly buried dining room table.)

Anyway, today the sun came out. Still somewhat feeble, but a promising sign nevertheless. And I actually managed to get some things done!

Lots left to do for the sadist, including revising a long-ish poem he assigned months ago. Plus I owe you all the second half of my review of the Silky G, after which I can write about my utterly delicious and delightfully classy new vibrator. In black and grey. Not like me at all, but it looked so elegant on the website and in fact it is. And damn, but it feels good... Whoo-ee!

But that's for another time.

(Though if you follow the link, you'll see that it's on sale...)

Oh, and everything is quite wonderful with me and the fiend. The things he says with his mouth but without words...

Now you know I haven't forgotten about you all.
Feel better?

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