Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why I was beaten for smiling

There were 2 comments on my last post, which I had cleverly titled Ouch. Screwed up again. I do hope you all recognize that at times my titles are deliberately selected to lure readers. It certainly worked this time. My stats shot right up. Whether any of those first-time visitors will return is a separate issue. But it sure gives me a sense of power, knowing how easily I can lure them over for an initial peek.

Back to the post.
Back to those 2 comments.

The core of the post was this:

Don't smile when he comes in the door.

It's inappropriate.

It seems from jcn's comment that maybe I should define my terms more carefully.
It's not that I'm never allowed to smile.
And I do smile at times.
As does he.
At times.
But not when he comes through the door.

It's inappropriate.

One comment he made about the issue was a reminder that
it's not about me.
It's not about how I feel about seeing him.
It's about him.
It's all about him.
I am there to serve him.
I am there to please him.
How I feel at the moment of his arrival is irrelevant.

The second comment said:

Won't it be nice for you both when
he's trained you not to smile? I
wonder what your face will show then
when he appears.

I guess I should point out that I don't usually smile on his arrival. Really. I don't. Certainly in the beginning I didn't smile. If you knew this man from a submissive position, you'd know that his presence does not inspire smiles. But as various things developed... well, one day I couldn't help it. He arrived and a smile of joy and love flooded my face.

But that is not what he usually sees.

What he usually sees is
and worship.

Behind all this is love.
And I'm sure he sees that, too.


lil said...

Well, the title of this one sure got me here! Couldn't help it lol.

Anonymous said...

Well isn't that just too precious!I'm sorry but that is laying it on pretty thick.