Saturday, September 17, 2011

Songs for a cocksucking slave

'No Language Like Song' is an interesting article in the New York Times comparing songs of American slaves and Russian serfs. Both scholarly and readable, it includes a link to Paul Robeson's versions of 3 of the referenced songs. Given that Robeson was veneered as something of a saint in my atheist, left-wing Jewish home, this made the article particularly enjoyable. Add to that grandparents that all fled Russia/Ukraine/Poland, whose borders were prone to wandering, and you can see why I was attracted to it.

Then there's this quote from Frederick Douglass:

the heart has no language like song

Poetry is song without music.
Or rather, the music is inherent in the words.


Obviously, the article is dealing with a far different flavor of slavery than mine. For one thing, the songs deal, often only slightly covertly, with either escape (among American slaves) or rebellion (the Russian serfs). There's an interesting explanation for the difference. I, of course, have no interest in escape, and outright rebellion would trigger the end of the relationship.

But my errant imagination can't help but think that the world - our world, at least - could use some songs for slaves such as we. Songs to sing as we work, sings "to regulate the movement" of our mouths and our hands as we strive to please the ones who own us.

Songs to be sung with a cock in one's mouth.

Suggestions, anyone?


littlemonkey said...

Perhaps your Sadist might like "Ode to Joy" hummed of course...Lol.

Maybe an attempt to sing "Moon River"? "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"? Songs that hit that lower alto register and cause the throat to vibrate?

pepper said...

i wonder if it's possible to hum "Flight of the Bumblebee'.....i think i'll try that next time. Doesn't all humming cause the throat to vibrate, monkeylady? Hmmm. Vibrate.

Anonymous said...

Well, since the arrival of the evil little spider clamps, I vote for "Moanin' Low", - both metaphorically and literally. (Be careful what you wish for Department.)
Wow. What a great article! As you might surmise, Paul was a hero in my childhood, too. Thanks for the links.- jcn

mamacrow said...

LOVEING the suggestions!

'I get a kick out of you'?!

Sharazade said...

I guess not "A Woman is a Sometime Thing." ;)